Investment Advisory

At Aditri Financial & Investment Advisory (ADITRI), we provide holistic and comprehensive financial planning services combined with investment advices based on your financial health and risk profile and suitability to achieve financial goals with our consistent guidance and care. We educate financial literacy and encourage financial discipline that supports you to take informed financial and investment decision making to reach your various financial goals in your life. Our expertise is to provide you timely advice and make you wealthier. Start investing early will make you to achieve financial freedom early and retire rich.
Chandrasekhar Sagutoor is the CEO & Principal Advisor of ADITRI;  an NISM Certified Investment Adviser,  a qualified Chartered Financial Analyst and a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser. Our services to clients are adhered to SEBI IA regulations, 2013. ADITRI acts in a fiduciary capacity towards you and disclose all conflicts of interest as and when they arise. ADITRI acts honestly, fairly and in the best interests of our clients and in the integrity of the market. We maintain an arms-length relationship between our activities as Financial Planner and Investment Advisor and other activities. Our services to you are with due skill, expertise, care and diligence in the best interests of you and we ensure that our advices to you are after thorough analysis, research and taking into account available alternatives based on risk profiling and suitability. ADITRI plays a fiduciary role in providing the financial planning and investment advisory to assure the unbiased nature of our advice and choose to be a fee-only advisor. We offer our advices only on fee and we don’t sell any financial products and hence we don’t accept any commissions from anyone other than our clients.
Our relevant credentials, charters and designations will be definitely an edge and helpful to serve you better. We provide you the real time information and powerful reports on how your investments are progressing towards your goal attainment. ADITRI provides you a dedicated login credentials for you to monitor your investments and progress of achievement of your financial goals. We provide you a dedicated login access in most advanced platform, which depicts your multi asset portfolio dashboard consisting of your stocks, mutual funds, insurance, PPF, NSC, Fixed and Recurring Deposits etc along with goal tracker to you once become our client.

Disclaimer to Investment Advisory

ADITRI has taken into consideration of the historical data of returns and anticipated financial risks attached to each investment.  However, as you are aware every financial decision is prone to several risks viz. inflation risk, interest rate risk, income risk, personal risk, market risk and liquidity risk, which may happen with  or without your knowledge and intervention; and hence our advice to you is not an exception to it. Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk.

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