Complaint Data for the month ending February 2024

Sr.No. Received from Pending at the end of last month Received Resolved Total Pending Pending Complaints >3 months Average Resolution time (in days)
1 Directly from Investors Nil Nil N.A Nil Nil N.A
2 SEBI(SCORES) Nil Nil N.A Nil Nil N.A
3 Other Sources (if any) Nil Nil N.A Nil Nil N.A
Grand Total Nil Nil N.A Nil Nil N.A

Trend of monthly disposal of complaints during FY2023-24

Sr.No. Month Carried forward from previous Month Received  Resolved Pending
1 Apr-2023 Nil Nil N.A Nil
2 May-2023 Nil Nil N.A Nil
3 Jun-2023 Nil Nil N.A Nil
4 Jul-2023 Nil Nil N.A Nil
5 Aug-2023 Nil Nil N.A Nil
6 Sep-2023 Nil Nil N.A Nil
7 Oct-2023 Nil Nil N.A Nil
8 Nov-2023 Nil Nil N.A Nil
9 Dec-2023 Nil Nil N.A Nil
10 Jan-2024 Nil Nil N.A Nil
11 Feb-2024 Nil Nil N.A Nil
12 Mar-2024
Grand Total Nil Nil N.A Nil



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Trend of annual disposal of complaints

Sr.No. Year Carried forward from previous year Received Resolved Pending
1 2018-19 Nil Nil N.A. Nil
2 2019-20 Nil Nil N.A. Nil
3 2020-21 Nil Nil N.A. Nil
4 2021-22 Nil Nil N.A. Nil
5 2022-23 Nil Nil N.A. Nil

Disclosure with respect to compliance with Annual compliance audit requirement under Regulation 19(3) of SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA (INVESTMENT ADVISERS) REGULATIONS, 2013

Sr.No. Financial Year Compliance Audit status Remarks, if any
1 2020-21 Audit Conducted Nil
2 2021-22 Audit Conducted Nil
3 2022-23 Audit Conducted Nil

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